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Kim took an indirect route to the harp. Growing up in the classical music tradition her musical career began at the age of 6 playing the piano. With 12 years she started plying the violin, later the church organ. She succumbed the fascination harp, when her daughter began to play the instrument. With the change to the harp, Kim also was released by the corset of the notes and started to first change songs with their own arrangements, and finally to compose by herself.
To play the instument she was tought by the Nuremberg Harpist Maja Taube. Workshops with Anne Kox Schindelin, Erik Ask-Upmark, Maeve Gilchrist, Ismael Ledesma, Vroni Brehm and others provided new impulses.
Since 2009, Kim playes with the musician Ulrich Erlenkamp in the duo Cantando. While she is heading with its Siren Songs the way of the songwriter and harp poet, Cantando provides with its charming rustic mix of hurdy-gurdy, harp and vocals a medieval sound experience.

Oneat 1
is Poet, Author, Narrator, Musician from Canada. That´s what oneat1 writes about his work: “I originally wrote Black Ice over ten years ago remembering a good friend who’d lost a childhood friend of his in a car accident and used the image to say my two cents on how the banks kill people indirectly. I was pressed trying to figure out how to put my own music to it several times over the years, but when I heard Tom’s track called Deep Ice for the first time, I knew where it was going. The dark tones in the music set a perfect landscape for the telling of this sad but true story. Tom’s done a masterful job engineering the mix to capture the suspenseful imagery and I’m glad Black Ice has finally found a home. Enjoy. Peace, oneat1

Brooklynbridge is a german artist and producer.
He started his career in 2005. His main music genres are house, electro and ambient.

DJ Booya is a DJ and Producer from Romania and a Resident at ActivFM

Omar Sakkal Lopez & Victor Guixer Martin are Global Masters DJs, two producers from Spain. Since the beginning of 2010 they produce their very own progressive house style with a tribal touch.

Clubbing Boy
is a german DJ and computer artist.