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ONE - by oneat1

ONE defined:

ONE is not divisive,

It can only be inclusive,

unifying, complete.
ONE does not sort
between one and another
for there can be no other,

there is only ONE.

ONE does not break down
into little pieces
for greater clarification,
does not examine
and classify
and label things,

ONE just loves them

and includes them
as part of Itself,
no matter what.

ONE is light
and love, and life

for It is the Source
and It is the Outcome,
Alpha and Omega.
It is where we
all came from,

and It’s where
we’re all headed,
back to ONE.

ONE is understanding,

and caring,

your heart
is part of ONE.
ONE is reality,
It doesn’t question
It just knows
and is what It is.

We know ONE
when we stop trying
to analyze reality
or figure it out
or control it
and simply enjoy it

for what it is,
loving, laughing,
and living
in the light.

©2010 jge
oneat1 ^o^